Bay Area Bassist & Composer Edo Castro Announces Third CD: Sacred Graffiti

LARKSPUR, CA, June 05, 2009

“This is one of the most beautiful bass solo pieces I’ve ever heard. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Edo before. Where have I been?” – YouTube Fan viewing “Rain”, written & performed by Edo Castro.

Currently, Passion Star Records’ artist Edo Castro is recording & mixing his latest project at Skywalker Sound in Nicasio, California with Ray Cooper as producer. This will be his second release on the Passion Star Records label due out later this year. Bay Area bassist sensation Edo Castro describes his new release, Sacred Graffiti, as a “catch-all for my musical musings since Phoenix” – his landmark release in 2006 on Passion Star Records. “A musical Journal if you will,” Edo explains, “In my day-to-day travels I notice signs, scribbles on walls, imprints in the sidewalk, bumper stickers and more. These in a way have become the modern day cave paintings” It’s as if these dynamic visuals have been given auditory life as Edo delivers intricate urban jazz arrangements followed by ambient and enchanting soundscapes. “Sacred Graffiti gives an impression that is at once modern and yet timeless in its varied compositions,” enthuses Passion Star Record’s founder, Lisa Star. Special guests – David Friesen, Michael Manring, Dan Zinn, Ray Cooper, and Percy Jones join Edo on this newest release.