Edo Castro’s Jazz Compositions for Small Ensemble

Many thanks to my friends Raul and Valery Amador at Bass Musician’s Magazine for their support of my recently released ebook entitled Edo Castro’s Jazz Compositions for Small Ensemble. Click here!

This book is a culmination of 36 years of music I have written. This is not all of the music I’ve written but the ones I felt that represented major turning points in my writing. The way that I have presented the material here is very much like that of the original “Fake books” – a single staff with chord symbols above the written melody below. It was my intent to leave out bass parts on certain songs and leave it up to the performer to create their own bass lines. Granted, I did write down a few bass parts for certain tunes but in essence left out most of my created bass parts so that the performer could draw on their own ideas for those parts. My only other note per song was to establish the “feel” by denoting “Funk” or “Straight Eight Feel”, etc. I encourage you to refer to the original recordings from my CDs whenever possible as a starting point. Most of all – have fun!

Email me at edo@edocastro.com… I would love to hear your interpretations of my music!