Happy Holidays from Edo!

Hello my Friends,

This time of year is my favorite time of year but it’s not because of the holidays. I love the changes of the seasons, the leaves turning brilliant hues of red and orange, the rain, the dark clouds, the cold brisk air and yes the snow.

It’s a time of introspection and contemplative ideals to germinate, with intentions to take seed and blossom in the spring. I can feel the winter solstice blanket darken the fabric of my spirit, the fabric of my existence. It is a time to hibernate a life that has weathered the past year.

We’ve all gone through a lot this year and it’s not all so promising with the economic world downturn, The H1N1 Flu, constant threats of violence close and far from our homes, people losing their home, their jobs and their dignity. Indeed it is a very dark time, I would be a fool not to say that I’m scared or nervous.

If there’s any real comfort in all this, I’m not alone in my fear and that in its self is comforting. Here we share a common thread that goes back since our awareness of self and our existence: we’re still afraid of the unknown. The ultimate boogey man.

Perhaps that’s why we have holidays in the darkest part of the year. To give us a sense of hope and that no matter what it is we’re struggling with now, it will be better the next day, the next week, the next month or the next year.

In this time of darkness, whatever we came into this economic turmoil with, looming health issues, or whatever it is this year you are struggling with, I wish for all of us to emerge with strength, dignity and hope, so that we can turn around our personal struggles and be fearless in uncertain times.

To all of you – Whatever it is you celebrate this time of year –
Sharon, Dillon (our dog), and I wish you all the best for this holiday season and A Happy New Year.

With Gratitude,