I love the CD. I enjoyed your expression and compositions. Thanks for asking me to participate .
– Mark Egan, bassist   August 16, 2006
Edo Castro’s Phoenix:  Very expressive – from ethereal to grooving – great writing and playing! The best place to start for me is that this CD is by a bass player but you wouldn’t know it. Edo is first and foremost a composer here and the album is a complete statement from beginning to end. The bass playing is top notch and the sounds he draws from his many stringed electrics range from ethereal to deep and in the pocket. But Edo’s respect for the music shines through so beautifully here as it often doesn’t when a bassist gets the opportunity to “step out”. There’s no showing off here as the compositions and textures are pre-eminent. I especially like how Edo lets the other musicians express themselves in a very un-selfish way. In fact, expression is what this CD is all about.