The Phoenix Rises

Edo Castro’s new album, Phoenix, follows his first successful release entitled simply Edo. Castro explains, “The name Phoenix is not only a beautiful name, it’s also the mythical representation of change or transformation. I was in a music store one day when I heard the first phrases of the song San Lorenzo from Pat Metheny’s White Album. I was mesmerized, time stood still and I found myself in another space. Phoenix is about transforming personal moments. The material on this album provides the listener with an experience of how I work, capturing something in the moment. I turn my equipment on and strap on a bass with no intent except to explore musical ideas. That’s how I came up with my arrangement on the album Amazing Grace. I didn’t start out thinking I was going to make an arrangement -it just happened. Many wonderful musicians are featured on this album including Mark Egan, former bassist with Pat Metheny, who has played on over 100 albums and is a guest artist on Phoenix. Edo Castro is an accomplished composer who just happens to play bass. His artistry elevates the sounds from these unique, fretted and fretless multi-stringed basses into a palate from which intricate compositions flow, beckoning the listener to embark on an amazing and moving journey. In the last 15 years, Castro has contributed to over 20 albums, successfully released his debut album, Edo, after 7 years in the making and is fond of performing and recording with local Bay Area musicians. His work is currently featured on many internet radio stations and music sites such as and and his interview in Bassics magazine this year included Track 1 (46 West) from his first CD, Edo, in the attached compilation CD. Edo’s fan base stretches the globe where he has found praise and recognition for his unique musical talents and his joyous and transfixing compositions.